birbiglia1Mike Birbiglia explains a few years ago my therapist suggested I keep a journal of the awkward moments occurring in my life. Around the same time audiences were demanding more material, so I started sending this journal to my mailing list and then telling the stories instage. Somehow this turned into a Comedy Central Special and now its all contained on this DVD, including m,aterial from My Secret Public Journal Live CD, the Best of Two Drink Mike, and an exclusive tour documentary. I have problems. Painful, hilarious problems that I hope you will enjoy.

Recorded in 2008.


  • Mike has made three specials for Comedy Central and has also been a guest on the talk
    shows of Conan O’Brien, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmell and Jimmy Fallon.
  • Comedian Mike Birbiglia achieved comedy cult status in 2006 with the nationwide release of his Comedy Central CD, Two Drink Mike, and the accompanying Comedy Central sponsored Medium Man on Campus college tour.
  • Mike’s one man show Sleepwalk With Me was recently nominated for both a Drama Desk Award and an Outer Circle Critics Award for “Best Solo Performance.”
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Year of recording 2008
Duration 56 min
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