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Jeff Garlin – Young & Handsome

Jeff-Garlin--853-packshot-tJeff Garlin, known by many for his role as Jeff Greene on Curb Your Enthusiasm, returns to his hometown and his comedy roots for his first hour-long special. Jeff Garlin performs to a sold-out crowd at the historic Second City Theatre in Chicago. Jeff Garlin is a wonderful storyteller (maybe the most wonderful who has ever lived), and Jeff Garlin enjoys the kind of comedy where if anyone looks stupid, it’s Jeff Garlin. Jeff Garlin is very intelligent (maybe the most intelligent comedian who has ever lived) but he does many stupid things (ask Jeff Garlin’s wife [maybe the most wonderful wife who has ever lived] – she’ll tell you), but they make great stories for you (Jeff Garlin’s admirers) to enjoy.

Recorded in 2008.


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