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Mitch Fatel – Is Magical

mitchfatel_853.inddBuilding off the momentum created by his wildly successful CDs Miniskirts and Muffins and Super Retardo, Fatel makes his Comedy Central DVD debut with his very own one-hour special, Mitch Fatel is Magical Live, extended and uncensored!. One can easily be lulled into a false sense of sweetness by Mitch’s angelic smile and innocent voice, which only serve to distract from the fact that his lewd mind is focused on one thing, annd one thing only: girls. Whether he’s lamenting the declining popularity of one of his favourite sexual past times or waxing poetic about his love for certain female body parts, one cannot help but find oneself laughing hysterically and agreeing with Mitch’s unique and intelligently written analysis. Mitch Fatel does hold special powers over us mere mortals. It’s up to you now to watch and alert your friends to his ‘specialness’.

Recorded in 2009.


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