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Jimmy Carr – Telling Jokes

Jimmy_jokes_2DJimmy Carr, the hardest working man in comedy returns with his most controversial show to date, Telling Jokes.

Featuring 90 minutes of material that’s just too rude for television, the new show sees Jimmy Carr at his best; unleashing his delightfully crafted one-liners upon the nation and putting down brave hecklers.

Slick, sick and definitely not for the easily offended, Jimmy offers a masterclass in comedy as he takes his dry and sardonic wit to a whole new level. And it seems that no-one and nothing is safe from Jimmy’s cutting remarks as he delves into a diverse range of subjects including religion, sex, bullying and (somewhat ironically) political correctness …

As Jimmy explains: “It’s not for the faint hearted (the faint hearted should also avoid salt).”

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Jimmy Carr – Laughing and Joking

JC_L&J_DVD_R3_V1_2D finalFollowing another stellar year for Jimmy Carr, his eighth live show Laughing & Joking is now here.

Touring to over 1.5 million people and hosting hit shows 8 Out of 10 Cats, 10 O’Clock Live and The Big Fat Quiz of the Year means that Jimmy knows a thing or two about making people laugh.

The show is packed with one-liners, stories & jokes. Some clever, some rude and a few totally unacceptable. Laughing & Joking is a chance to see this award-winning comedian at his near-the-knuckle best.

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Jimmy Carr – Being Funny

JIMMY CARR_BEING FUNNY_2DHaving performed live to over 1.2m people the UK’s hardest working comedian, Jimmy Carr, is back with his brand new stand-up show.

Star of hit TV shows 8 Out of 10 Cats and 10 O’Clock Live, Jimmy is well known for his slick one liners and non-stop gags, but his acerbic wit and fast-paced comedy style are at their brilliant best when he has the stage to himself.

Packed with over 100 minutes of brand new material, including too-rude-for-TV jokes, hilarious heckling and even better put-downs, Jimmy pushes the boundaries of comedy and delivers a spectacular show.

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Jimmy Carr – Making People Laugh

Jimmy-2010_2DfinalJimmy Carr is the hardest working comedian in Britain. He has now played to over one million people on tour and sold over a million DVDs. He returns with the release of his most outrageous stand up set to date, Making People Laugh.

Featuring over two hours of material that’s too rude for TV. The new show shows Jimmy at his very best and contains over 250 jokes.



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Jimmy Carr – in Concert

2D_JimmyCarr_SleeveFINALBritain’s foremost multi-award-winning joke technician Jimmy Carr returns with his fourth live stand-up show, Jimmy Carr In Concert.

No-one writes sharper jokes and no-one delivers them better than Jimmy. He commands his audience with twisted little aphorisms, “the sort of thing that you might find in a fortune cookie baked by Satan” with no-one escaping his biting wit and take-no-prisoners approach to subject matter.

The release also includes a stack of exclusive extras including a specially commissioned 36 minute cartoon – a montage of Jimmy’s most brutal audience put downs – brought to life by a variety of animators. Here we get to see Jimmy as a life-sized puppet, a line drawn cartoon and moulded out of clay as he battles and belittles audience members who have dared to heckle!

Recorded at London’s Bloomsbury Theatre, Jimmy walks a fine line with truly outrageous gags that would be thoroughly offensive if not so expertly delivered with an ironic glint in his eye.

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Jimmy Carr – Comedian

JimmyCarr_Sleeve.inddFollowing the huge success of Jimmy Carr Live and Jimmy Carr Stand Up, the multi-award-winning Jimmy Carr returns with his third live stand up show, simply titled Comedian.

Recorded live at London’s Bloomsbury Theatre, the posh-suited gagster unleashes his rapid fire wit upon his audience with jokes that are just too rude for TV.
The show is Jimmy’s best yet.

Jimmy plays to over 200,000 fans every year around Britain. Watch this show and see what all the fuss is about.

As Jimmy explains: ‘This isn’t a show for the easily offended, it’s not even a show for people who are quite difficult to offend. Essentially this is a show for people without a moral compass.’

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Jimmy Carr – Stand up

DVD Cover WrapThe multi award-winning and critically acclaimed comedian Jimmy Carr returns with a brand new live stand-up show.

As the face of Channel 4, Jimmy has risen to become one of the most original and distinctive stars of British Comedy, developing the unique brand of perfectly timed one-liners and deadpan delivery for which he has become so well known.

Recorded live at London’s legendary Bloomsbury theatre, Jimmy Carr Stand Up takes his dry and sardonic wit to a whole new level unleashing more of his delightfully crafted sick and offensive putdowns upon his audience.

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Jimmy Carr – Live

untitledThe multi-award-winning comedian Jimmy Carr stars in his first ever live stand-up show. As the face of Channel 4 comedy, Jimmy’s unique brand of observational humour is based on life’s taboos using witty one-liners and offensive put downs.

Recorded during the acclaimed comedian’s sell out shows at London’s Bloomsbury Theatre, Jimmy Carr Live is the freshest, most hilarious stand-up show from the UK’s brightest new comic talent.



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