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Bert Kreischer – Comfortably Dumb

Bertkreischer_V001_inlay.inddRaw, wild and hilariously funny, Bert Kreischer stars in: Comfortably Dumb, his debut comedy concert that follows his scene stealing appearances on Comedy Central and FX. He is one of today’s hottest, most inventive comedians, something that a few years ago would have been deemed virtually impossible. Especially to Bert. It wasn’t long ago when Rolling Stone Magazine named him – the number one party animal in the nation! – when this dedicated underachiever made a career out of attending Florida State University, a seven year adventure that became the basis for National Lampoon’s hit movie: Van Wilder. Now Bert has finally grown up. Sort of. And the result is a sold-out event destined to become a classic. This is your chance to party with the original party animal.

Recorded in 2008.


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