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Tom Papa – Freaked Out

tom papa


Known for his irreverent appearances on Leno, Letterman and Conan, and for hosting NBC’s “The Marriage Ref,” Papa stands out among his fellow comedians for his optimistic take on the mostly insane world he lives in. For his first EPIX comedy special, and his second hour-long special directed by Rocker/Director Rob Zombie, Papa tackles the hazards of churches, loose change, old age, make-up, raising women, Chinese grocery stores and magical gnomes.


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Tom Papa – Live In New York City



With a shiny happy exterior and an off-beat, demented interior Tom Papas latest comedy release attacks our hilarious attempts at happiness as life piles up around us. In his second comedy album family is a recurring theme whether it is on a global scale as we connect through MyFace to his married life in a house full of girls to old men with muscles who look like chicken cutlets. This is a truly funny exploration of life from a comedian who is living it with his eyes wide open.


  • He has 51.659 followers on Twitter and 11.550 likes on Facebook.
  • Tom has thirteen appearances on the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  • This show is directed by Rob Zombie

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