TT_SS_DVD_INLAY_CERT15ARTWORKA man in a field telling stories. No ordinary field. No ordinary stories. Tommy Tiernan, live beneath the stars in County Cork.

In Celtic mythology a ‘Stray Sod’ or ‘Foidin Mara’ was an enchanted piece of grass whereby if a person steps on one, they will become disorientated and lost, even in familiar surroundings. It is said that wearing an item of clothing inside-out breaks the enchantment allowing the person to find their way again. ‘Stray Sod’ is also the title of Tommy Tiernan’s brand new DVD. Uplifting, joyous, inspirational, Tommy is a man who leaves nothing in the dressing room.

Pat Collin’s, Director of Tommy’s new European Tour Documentary “Tommy: To Tell You The Truth” recently said  “There is something zeitgeisty about Tommy.  He taps in to the wider consciousness and manages to express what some people feel deeply but might not have an opportunity to express themselves while always retaining his great charm and roguishness that allows him to say things others just couldn’t get away with”

There’s unlikely to be a more compelling stand-up out there today, with this show giving us all the sides of Tiernan, profound, dark, and silly too, his performance mesmerises in a way that is joyful, uplifting, inspirational and most importantly always breathtakingly funny.

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Definition  HD
Audio  2.0
Ratio  16×9
Year of recording  2014
Director  Adrian McCarthy
Duration  92 min